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City of Calgary Request for Trenchless Contractors

The City of Calgary is inviting contractors experienced in installation of large diameter sewers by trenchless methods to submit pre-qualification packages for the 37th Stormwater Trunk Relocation project. The work includes trenchless installation of:

  • Approximately 500 m of 2400 mm pipe along 37th Street SW to be completed by June 30, 2016; and
  • Approximately 125 m of 2400 mm pipe to the Elbow River to be completed by December 31, 2017.

Only contractors pre-qualified as part of this process will be permitted to undertake the trenchless component of this work.

To view the full RFPQ please click here

A Myth Dispelled: In Difficult Ground, the Time for Drill & Blast Excavation has Passed

In the modern-day tunneling industry, one outdated perception remains:  Traditional, tested methods are always the best. When presented with difficult ground—from fault zones to water inflows to mixed face conditions—many consultants and contractors rely on decades-old field studies and conclude that conventional excavation methods like drill and blast are the best option.  With today’s Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) technology, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern TBMs are highly adaptable and capable of offering all of the same ground support and excavation capabilities of their conventional counterparts—most often with a safer setup and faster performance, not to mention at a lower overall cost.

In this complimentary 60-minute webinar, Robbins President Lok Home will analyze recent tunneling projects in difficult ground conditions where TBMs have proven their worth, including Turkey’s Kargi Kizilirmak Hydroelectric Project and Peru’s Olmos Trans-Andean Tunnel.  At Kargi, a shielded hard rock TBM overcame incredibly difficult mixed face conditions with the help of in-tunnel machine modifications—ultimately completing the tunnel at an advance rate more than twice that of a drill and blast operation proceeding from the opposite end of the tunnel.  At Olmos, the world’s second deepest civil works tunnel, a TBM ultimately succeeded at boring where drill and blast had failed: below 2,000 m of volatile volcanic rock in the Andes Mountains.

Date: Wednesday, April 15th … Time: 10:00 AM (EST) = 2:00 PM (BST) = 3:00 PM (CEST) … Duration: 1 hour

To register please click here

We invite you to submit your questions beforehand to marketing@robbinstbm.com to get a well-researched answer during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

ITAWTC 2015 – May 22-28 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Croatian Association for Tunnels and Underground Structures – ITA Croatia and the ITA-AITES invite you to join us on a World Tunnel Congress and General Assembly in Dubrovnik from May 22-28, 2015.

Croatia is located in the middle of South-East Europe and on the July 1st, 2013,  Croatia became the 28th member of the EU. South-East Europe is the EU region with the most expectations and plans in developing infrastructure in next 2 decades in Europe. Therefore choosing Dubrovnik with its location in the middle of the South-East Europe region and in the heart of Europe we would like to make the sign to all other member nations where to go and where to intensify their activities in the soon future. So far none of SEE countries have had opportunity to organize on World Tunnel Congress and this happening will strongly and certainly help further development of underground infrastructure in the future.

Dubrovnik is the old city, port on the Adriatic coast, center of tourism and a congress center that is able to take more thousands of guests at the same time. It is also one of centers of the infrastructure works  with unique underground solutions (underground HPP Ombla, city road tunnel, light rail to airport, new road roundabout) that will all be in construction in 2015. Dubrovnik will provide an excellent technical and social setting for the World Tunnel Congress 2015. Croatia’s hosting of WTC2015 is supported by the ITA Croatia’s corporate and individual members, Chamber of Civil Engineers and several Ministries who will as active full partners in the preparation and organization of the Congress.

Yours sincerely,

President of the Croatian Association for Tunnels and Underground Structures – ITA Croatia
Davorin Kolić, PhD, PE, CE

for more information please visit: www.wtc15.com

Precast Concrete Equipment Sale

The Waterview Connection tunnel project is New Zealand’s biggest and most ambitious road project ever. A 4.8km motorway and two six-lane tunnels are due to be completed in Auckland by early 2017. A tunnel boring machine, named Alice, is building the two 2.4km long underground tunnels. The production of the 24,000 precast concrete segments for the tunnels’ walls is near completion and the manufacturing equipment for the segments and culvert units is now for sale. This includes a concrete batching plant, segment production equipment, portal and gantry cranes and a compressor. Please click here for the full inventory of equipment on sale.

Contact Details:  Andy Bould – Precast Sub-Alliance Manager – andy.bould@wellconnected.co.nz

Watch the Teaser – North Link Project, Seattle, USA

See outtakes from Robbins’ latest project video, to be released later this year

Cutting Edge 2015 Conference – Urban Tunneling

September 21 – 23, 2015 – Hyatt Grand – Denver, Colorado, USA

APAC Tunnels & Bridges – 15 – 16 April 2015

APAC Tunnels & Bridges Conference, 15 – 16 April 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia … an excellent platform bringing together distinguished industry experts to discuss key projects and address engineering challenges for efficient tunnels and bridges.

Key Topic Highlights

  • The design and the construction experience of the Raw Water Transfer Tunnel
  • Case Study: SMART Tunnel
  • Case Study: Jakarta Integrated Tunnel (JIT) – Project Financing Alternatives (PPP vs Private Equity)
  • Analysis of Rapid Construction Techniques
  • Understanding Fatigue Related Defects in Older Structures to Increase Efficiency
  • Extending the Life of Bridges & Tunnels- Investigation & Repair

for more information and to register please click here

‘A Catalogue of Tunnel Collapses’ … Updated to October 2012

Tunnelling Journal is giving every reader free access to an exhaustive listing of international Tunnel Collapses. The document ‘Catalogue of Notable Tunnel Failure Case Histories’, courtesy of, and compiled by, the Mainland East Division, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department of Hong Kong details 36 international collapses, and a further 6 specifically in Hong Kong. Each case, subject to the information available, includes a basic description of the event (many illustrated), the probable cause, the remedial measures undertaken, and the consequences and lessons learned. Some 60 references are also included for further reading. The document is live and will be updated from time to time. To download this must-have listing go to:


Tunnelling Journal Exclusive

Hong Kong’s Geotechnical Engineering Office has recently issued the GEO Report No. 249, “Ground Control for Slurry TBM Tunnelling.” Download your free copy of this ‘must read’ paper from the Civil Engineering and Development Department website, using the link below:  http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/geo_reports/geo_rpt249.htm