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Robbins 2014 Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Lessons Learned from the Field: The Greatest Challenges in TBM Tunneling.

When tunneling through the earth, there are no guarantees. Difficult and unexpected ground can come up at any time, and knowing how to manage that risk can make all the difference. The condition could be a mixed tunnel face resulting in slowdowns, or dangerous rock bursting that threatens the safety of your crew. No matter the obstacle, advice from peers who have experienced and overcome such situations is often the best way to find a lasting solution.

Robbins invites you to join a panel of worldwide experts to find out the best practices for dealing with difficult ground conditions, as well as machine features that can turn a challenging project into a success story.

Webinar Registration Link: http://bit.ly/RobbinsField

In this complimentary 60-minute webinar, you’ll get expert advice from Robbins employees who have seen it all. You’ll hear case studies from some of the world’s toughest hard rock and mixed ground projects in India, Turkey, Ethiopia, and more. Submit your questions to marketing@robbinstbm.com beforehand and get a well-researched answer during the 15-minute Q&A session.

BTS 2014 Conference and Exhibition – 23rd / 24th September

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Watch timelapse footage of the concrete pour

Lee Tunnel is an MVB project (MVB is a joint venture of Morgan Sindall, VINCI Construction Grands Projets & Bachy Soletanche) undertaken for Thames Water … Read more

Navigate Tunnelling with VMT

Navigate Tunnelling … VMT navigation systems have been developed for different types of advance machines and ensure that tunnels of even several kilometres in length will be driven to their destination with millimetre accuracy. They calculate all information automatically and in real-time that is necessary for navigating along the designed tunnel axis. They feature a modular software structure and easy-to use menu-guided operation, together with the latest measurement and communication technology  click here

‘A Catalogue of Tunnel Collapses’ … Updated to October 2012

Tunnelling Journal is giving every reader free access to an exhaustive listing of international Tunnel Collapses. The document ‘Catalogue of Notable Tunnel Failure Case Histories’, courtesy of, and compiled by, the Mainland East Division, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department of Hong Kong details 36 international collapses, and a further 6 specifically in Hong Kong. Each case, subject to the information available, includes a basic description of the event (many illustrated), the probable cause, the remedial measures undertaken, and the consequences and lessons learned. Some 60 references are also included for further reading. The document is live and will be updated from time to time. To download this must-have listing go to:


Tunnelling Journal Exclusive

Hong Kong’s Geotechnical Engineering Office has recently issued the GEO Report No. 249, “Ground Control for Slurry TBM Tunnelling.” Download your free copy of this ‘must read’ paper from the Civil Engineering and Development Department website, using the link below:  http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/geo_reports/geo_rpt249.htm