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Breakthrough … the ITA Young Members magazine for 2016

If you would like to get involved by contributing editorial to the Spring 2016 edition of Breakthrough, or would like more information about advertising opportunities and promoting your company to young tunnelling professionals worldwide, please contact Amanda Foley or Daniel Lee-Billinghurst (below).

Amanda Foley (Editor) amanda@tunnellingjournal.com

Daniel Lee-Billinghurst (Sales Manager) daniel@tunnellingjournal.com

To view the first edition of Breakthrough click here … Breakthrough 2015

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Who builds the world’s fastest Tunnel Boring Machines?

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Construction and Machinery Equipment Sale

Extensive list of quality equipment including, cranes, grout batching plant, vehicles, forklifts, Porta comms, tunnel conveyor, and more Read more

Anything can happen when working underground so being prepared is vital. Strata Worldwide emergency refuge chambers are designed to be where you need them, when you need them

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Sandvik DT922i – the ultimate all-round tunneling jumbo

Our new fully automated DT922i tunneling jumbo stands for true tunnelling quality, reliability and exceptional versatility. Its new articulated

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‘A Catalogue of Tunnel Collapses’ … Updated to October 2012

Tunnelling Journal is giving every reader free access to an exhaustive listing of international Tunnel Collapses. The document ‘Catalogue of Notable Tunnel Failure Case Histories’, courtesy of, and compiled by, the Mainland East Division, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department of Hong Kong details 36 international collapses, and a further 6 specifically in Hong Kong. Each case, subject to the information available, includes a basic description of the event (many illustrated), the probable cause, the remedial measures undertaken, and the consequences and lessons learned. Some 60 references are also included for further reading. The document is live and will be updated from time to time. To download this must-have listing go to:


Tunnelling Journal Exclusive

Hong Kong’s Geotechnical Engineering Office has recently issued the GEO Report No. 249, “Ground Control for Slurry TBM Tunnelling.” Download your free copy of this ‘must read’ paper from the Civil Engineering and Development Department website, using the link below:  http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/geo_reports/geo_rpt249.htm