Melbourne Metro TBM tender underway

An international tender is underway for the supplier to build the four TBMs that will build Victoria’s biggest ever public transport project – the $11bn, 9km long twin tube Melbourne Metro Tunnel.

It will take up to 18 months to build the machines before they’re tested and shipped in segments to Melbourne.

They will then be delivered to launch sites at Arden and Domain, where they will be lowered into the ground and reassembled on-site by local workers.

They will be in the ground, operating 24/7 in 2019, 40m below Melbourne’s surface, installing a segmental lining.

Works are underway  at City Square where construction crews will dig 11 storeys below the ground to build a new underground station.

The Metro Tunnel project will free up space in the City Loop to run more trains, more often across Melbourne.

The Project will create nearly 7,000 local jobs and will be completed in 2026.

Premier Daniel Andrews said, “We’re building a world-class, turn-up and go train system for Victoria and will use the world’s best to get the job done.”

“These giant custom-made TBMs will work day and night beneath the ground, building the Metro Tunnel to run more trains, more often, across Melbourne.”

In July 2017, the Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) – a consortium led by Lendlease Engineering, John Holland, Bouygues Construction and Capella Capital – were selected to build the Metro Tunnel and five new underground stations following an extensive competitive tender process with the world’s most experienced construction and tunnelling contractors.

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