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Tunnelling Journal and North American Tunneling Journal

(published back to back) are the leading publications for the tunnelling and underground construction industry. Produced and backed by a team with literally 10 decades of international tunnelling experience and unprecedented global contacts, the magazine delivers unrivalled editorial quality ‘from the industry – for the industry’.

Tunnelling requires something beyond just technical expertise—it requires vast experience and the perspective that comes with it, as well as resources and commitment. The same thing goes for publishing a magazine about tunnelling.

Headed up by the most experienced editor’s in the industry Tris Thomas and Amanda Foley, Tunnelling Journal and North American Tunneling Journal’ feature contemporary, lively, cutting edge articles with specific and unparalleled relevance to the tunnelling contractor, consultant, client and machine manufacturer. Published six times a year, the print copy is partnered with a constantly updated website and a regular newsletter delivered straight to your desktop. This ensures that readers are kept abreast of breaking news and relevant industry developments as they happen. Further analysis and perspective is then offered in each published issue.

Six Published Issues – Email Newsletters – Web Updates – The Perfect Combination

The content of a technically based magazine needs sufficient time and care to research and produce to give it both credibility and the all important relevant shelf life. Traditionally, print magazines were distributed on a more frequent basis to keep the news section current, sometimes to the detriment of the technical content of the features. But with the exponential growth and global accessibility of the internet, the way breaking news reaches its audience has changed forever.

As such, the timeliest news will be distributed via email newsletters, and constantly updated on the website. This provides valuable time and space resources to the technical site reports, research articles, product reviews and industry leader interviews that will remain as the true value of the bi-monthly print publication. There is no doubt about it, consumers still want a printed hard copy for the in depth articles, reading these on-screen is just too difficult, especially with all those graphs and equations!

To sum up, Tunnelling Journal is a solid, thoroughly researched, genuinely informative and technical read six times a year, and if you want instant news, it’ll be via the newsletters and updated right there on the web. Tunnelling Journal brings the industry’s leading thinkers, doers and writers together in one exceptional forum, in every issue.

We’ve decided that planning each aspect of our editorial content a year or so ahead as many other titles do could make us less flexible and responsive to an ever moving and rapidly evolving industry. Tunnelling Journal’s editorial plan includes regular regional ‘tunnelling hotspots’, or in-sight studies and interviews from specific areas around the globe where tunnelling is taking a serious hold, and importantly, where the latest leads for future work can be found .

Obviously no civil engineering magazine would be the same without its bread and butter – the site report! With more time allowed to the editorial team, we’ll be visiting and reporting from more international tunnelling sites than any other magazine.

Interviews with prominent figure-heads from the fraternity giving their opinion on all things tunnelling feature regularly. Top this all off with regular sections on industry people, products and projects and you have the complete package.

Our team will continue to serve your team by providing the technical magazine and publication of record for the tunnelling industry.

Tunnelling Journal and North American Tunneling Journal…Looking Deeper!

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