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The leading publication for the tunnelling and underground construction industry

Tunnelling Journal (printed 6 times per year) back to back with 4 x North American Tunneling Journal and 2 x Canadian Tunnelling are the leading publications for the international tunnelling and underground construction industry. Why 6? We could publish 10, 12 issues per year, but from our experience and feedback received over the last 23 years, 6 issues is the golden number.

That’s because the content of a technically based magazine needs sufficient time and care to research and produce to give it both credibility and the all-important relevant shelf life. Traditionally, print magazines were distributed on a more frequent basis to keep the news section current, sometimes to the detriment of the technical content of the features. But with the exponential growth and global accessibility of the internet, the way breaking news reaches its audience has changed forever.

As such, the timeliest news is distributed via email newsletters, and constantly updated on the website. This provides valuable time and space resources to the technical site reports, research articles, product reviews and industry leader interviews that will remain as the true value of the bi-monthly print publication. There is no doubt about it, consumers still want a printed hard copy for the in depth articles, reading these on-screen is just too difficult, especially with all those graphs and equations!

To cut to the chase, it allows us to the time to research and make sure you continue to receive the quality unrivalled editorial content that is associated with Tunnelling Journal.

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Don’t take our word for it … a selection of testimonials from the industry

“Continuous progress underground is absolutely essential today for cities, nations, economies and finally the global community as a whole to prosper. The innovative players in global tunnelling have a decisive key competence of creating particularly sustainable values and assets by high-quality and high performance tunnel infrastructures. The premium magazine “Tunnelling Journal” not only certifies the engineering and operative progress in construction of underground structures. In print and online media, the editor-in-chief and his team also particularly present the fascinating professional diversity of our industry – with true journalistic demands and an impressively consistent quality”
Achim Kühn, Head of Group Marketing & Corporate Communications, Herrenknecht


“Tunnelling Journal is a must read! We really appreciate the strong technical focus and quality of your editorial articles. This is something that is unique to your magazine, and it clearly shows that you are at the heart of the tunnelling industry with everything you publish”
Gerhard Kahr, Marketing Director, DSI Holding GmbH


“Sometimes amazing that these guys find out details we don’t know yet. Always up-to-date in an easy to read format supported by good quality photographs. A good independent voice of this industry”|
Hartmut Reiner, Senior Underwriter Client Manager Business Development, Munich Re CIP

Tunneling Journal issues arrived and all I can say is another resounding WOW! The Lake Mead article is by far my favorite of all of them written to date. Really brilliant…thank you
Robin Rockey, Project Information Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority


“It is always interesting and beneficial to read the latest issue of the Tunnelling Journal. The Journal provides current news and can be relied upon to update the reader on recent developments in the industry. The editors are not afraid to touch on some troublesome, if not controversial editorial topics, and we admire the sharp pen approach! The journal is an excellent voice in the interest of the industry in terms of featuring site reports from challenging projects, and taking active part and covering industry events and conferences. Your global coverage is an asset. Your team of writers and approach is an honest one and true to the industry, and from our stance, is one of the best promoters of the modern use of underground space. You have been a forerunner in the adoption of new media technologies such as with your updated web page, newsletters and webinars”
Tom Melbye, Senior Advisor, Normet International Ltd


“We love working with Tunnelling Journal! They are a fabulous team of attentive, thorough and detail-oriented people who always go above and beyond to ensure Robbins gets optimal coverage, both in print and online”
Nancy Yun, Marketing Manager, The Robbins Company


“Always a good read. The format is attractive and the regular in depth focus on technology is a differentiator for the journal”
Martin Knights, Martin Knights Consulting


“TJ continues to be the premium magazine for relevant global news in the industry. The articles provide enough technical content to satisfy the hard core engineers without overloading the casual reader. The team at TJ are always approachable and their partnership with industry stakeholders is always fair and accommodating”
Matt Ross, Head of Construction, BASF Australia and New Zealand


“In my view Tunnelling Journal is the GO TO voice of the Global Tunnelling Industry. It provides concise and accurate updates with feedback and opinion when appropriate on all pertinent issues happening, in real terms today. Whether the focus is Project, Equipment or Company related I find the detail in both print and electronic format a must read”
Paul Bancroft, Product Director, Komatsu


The Tunnelling Journal publication is the most sought after Tunnelling Magazine in the Melbourne office, it’s full of well written technical articles and always up to date with the latest underground technologies and innovative solutions required for the worlds expanding cities and urban environments in which we all live and work.
Chris Swaine, Senior Project Manager, Metro Trains Melbourne


“The longevity the Tunnelling Journal team have in the industry really shines through and it makes dealing with them a pleasure. The magazine/web site though both young are exceptionally well thought of and respected. They are a go to source for interesting articles and news.”
Bruce Matheson, Sales and Marketing Director, TERRATEC


“Since its inception I have been an avid reader of, and occasional contributor to, Tunnelling Journal. Along with its web based news service it helps to keep our global community informed of the news and views from around the world. The standard of the technical articles and site reports is excellent and the team are never afraid to take on the current issues facing the industry. Tris’ editorials are always thought provoking with the added benefit of only leaving room for half his face on the page! Something we can all be thankful for.”
David Salisbury, Secretary Hong Kong Tunnelling Society


“It’s always good to know that when I read the Tunnelling Journal I am being kept up to date with the latest Industry trends. It gives me an excellent technical overview into the tunnel market and helps keep me up to date on Projects and technologies being implemented. It also provides a great platform to introduce new technologies if you’re in any way connected with the tunnelling business. It’s a must read!”
Thomas FURRER, Head of Business Line Geo, Leister Technologies AG