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Welcome to the Tunnelling Journal Podcasts

In the first series (Our Underground Future) join Professor Arnold Dix as he takes you on a personal journey with his thought provoking, quirky, unique and dynamic exploration of our role and obligations in delivering, maintaining and operating the world’s critical underground infrastructure.

Drawing upon his unique combination of legal and technical expertise he shares his thoughts and strategies for best practice in our unusual challenging underground world.

In the second series (Visionaries of the Underground – Conversations with Professor Arnold Dix) Arnold , ITA President speaks with world and industry leaders about their plans and ideas for future underground infrastructure.

In the first episode Arnold speaks with Mr. Rahul Gupta, India’s Chief Engineer for Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, and together they discuss India’s leadership, vision, drive and why tunnels are so important for his country’s future infrastructure development.

In the second episode of ‘Visionaries of the Underground – Conversations with Professor Arnold Dix’ we talk to Mr. Arthur Kabuya about his life and reputation as one of Europe’s most highly regarded tunnel safety practitioners in Brussels and his return to the Congo to empower the young to create their vision of the future.

In the third episode we talk with Jyoti Bisbey, a Washington DC based Infrastructure Finance specialist with a long professional history advising financiers such as the World Bank. and talks frankly about underground project finance.

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