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Brokk B200 SP

Brokk Revolutionizes Demolition Technology with
SmartPower+ Generation

Brokk, the global leader in remote-controlled demolition robots,
announces the launch of Brokk SmartPower+, a groundbreaking new generation of robots unveiled at World of Concrete 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Among Brokk’s latest generation of industry-leading demolition robots are the Brokk 170+ and Brokk 200+ which are being displayed at World of Concrete 2024. Attendees can discover Brokk SmartPower+ and its many features offering significant improvements in endurance, operating
experience, and intelligence.

Endurance of Unmatched Power
Brokk’s new range of SmartPower+ robots provides unmatched endurance by increasing
operational uptime with consistent power delivery over time resulting in unmatched
performance. Expertly engineered with rugged components, Brokk’s newest generation is
resistant to shock, temperature, and vibrations — not to mention that all new robots and control
boxes are dust and water protected to an IP65 equivalent— leading to outstanding reliability
regardless of the work conditions. Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation also includes a noteworthy
87% reduction in cables and connectors, reducing weak points while also facilitating servicing
and troubleshooting, which in turn, increases the lifespan of the robot.

Joy of Operating
Brokk SmartPower+ revolutionizes the operating experience for both seasoned professionals
and new operators alike. More precision, better response times, and ease of operation all
contribute to what can only be described as ‘’joy of operating.” Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation
redefines the operating experience by introducing a new and improved lightweight control box
weighing less than 3kg (or less than 6.5lbs), contributing to more enjoyable and comfortable
work shifts.

The new ergonomically designed control box features tilted joysticks, easier-to-reach features,
and faster dual charging. Brokk’s SmartPower+ control box includes the innovative Brokk
QuickSwitch and intuitive settings for an improved operating experience, making it easier than
ever to operate a Brokk robot, and in turn, easier to find and train operators. With Brokk’s new
range of SmartPower+ robots and state-of-the-art features, operators can perform the
demolition task at hand without shifting their gaze from the machine between commands, and
as such, without compromising on performance or safety.
‘’With nearly five decades of experience, Brokk understands the challenges many industry
professionals face in finding skilled operators to get the job done right,’’ said Martin Krupicka, CEO
of Brokk Group. This is precisely why we are committed to creating solutions for both seasoned
professionals and new operators alike, setting a new benchmark in the demolition landscape.’’

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Brokk introduces a new powerful machine!

Brokk, the world´s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, introduces the new Brokk 500 which features 40% more demolition power, the Brokk SmartPowerTM electrical system, a more powerful breaker, extended reach and industry-leading serviceability. And it adds a portion of good looks to the worksite as well.

Stronger – 40% more breaking power
The new Brokk 500 adds 40% more breaking power than its predecessor. The machine delivers 1,500 joules punch with each blow of the 700 kg heavy Atlas Copco SB702 hydraulic breaker. On top of that it adds further length to Brokk’s signature three-part arm system, now reaching 7,4 meters vertically and 7,0 meters horizontally, making it ideal for work where the extra reach is of importance. Still the Brokk 500 retains most of the compact proportions of its predecessor, the Brokk 400. With its 5,200 kg it is only marginally heavier and the width of the machine is the same. And it is “backwards compatible”, so all the tools and attachments used for the Brokk 400 can also be used on the new Brokk 500.

Smarter – Brokk SmartPowerTM
The Brokk 500 comes with Brokk’s new intelligent electrical system – Brokk SmartPowerTM. This new smart electrical system is a key part in creating the performance improvement of the machine. It maximizes the power output of the machine at any given time, based on both environmental and operating factors. The Brokk SmartPowerTM system is uniquely designed for the extremely tough operating environment of a demolition robot. Its components are either designed by or modified by Brokk to withstand the demolition forces over time. In addition it helps the operator to get the machine started on poor power supply, while at the same time it protects the Brokk machine from any harmful faulty power.

Tougher – Industry-leading serviceability
The Brokk 500 incorporates the industry-leading reliability and serviceability that Brokk has become known for over the years. New on this machine is that operators now can complete all daily and weekly maintenance without even having to lift the covers of the machine. And replacing any damaged hydraulic hoses is now simpler than ever.

The Brokk 500 will be available from May, 2017 – for more information visit


Oslo’s Tåsen Tunnel achieves RWS-rated fireproofing with PassiveTec®

PassiveTec®’s innovative tunnel fire protection technology has been selected and installed for the renovation of Oslo’s Tåsen Tunnel.

To achieve a required 120 minutes fire protection (based on the RWS time/temperature curve), PassiveTec® fireboards have been applied as wall cladding in the tunnel.

PassiveTec® XT intumescent sealant was used for the expansion/construction joints, together with Fischer FNA II A4 anchors and tunnel coating from Kapyfract AG.

PassiveTec® Tunnel Liner fireboards are made from fibre reinforced magnesium and other refractory products. As well as outstanding fire protection performance, these specialist boards are free of hazardous substances, offer excellent stability and durability under humid, wet or freezing conditions and are easy and quick to assemble.

To further increase the speed of installation on the Tåsen Tunnel project, made-to-measure panels were cut to size and coated off site. The 24mm PassiveTec® Tunnel Liner used in Tåsen Tunnel is also the thinnest and lightest globally RWS-rated board.

Atle Killerud, Technical Manager at specialist fire protection contractor Firesafe, said: “When PassiveTec boards were submitted and tested for use in both tunnel lanes they were found to match – and in most cases exceed – the specification requirements. “The boards are currently being installed the project completion on both lanes expected during the early part of 2017. The project was handled in a professional and efficient manner, with materials being delivered on time.”

Delivered by main contractor Peab Norway for Statens Vegvesen, the 250 million NOK Tåsen Tunnel project is part of a comprehensive national tunnel upgrading  programme which will see more than 200 tunnels across Norway being upgraded by 2019. The upgrading works includes fire protection, new emergency exits and replacement of signalling and service equipment.

PassiveTec® director Simon MacDonald said: “We are naturally delighted that PassiveTec® TunnelLiner was selected for this important city-centre infrastructure project.

“This contract again demonstrates that with its ability to achieve superior fire and insulation protection in harsh environments, PassiveTec® TunnelLiner continues to set new standards for fire protection in tunnels.”

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System Prime Horizontal launches MudVis!

Prime Horizontal is launching our newly developed, automated mud viscosity and specific gravity measuring and logging system called MudVis.

After a thorough process of development and an extensive period of testing on site the product is ready to go live.

MudVis samples your stock or mixing tank bentonite at regular preset intervals. The viscosity and specific gravity values are logged in the processing unit and available (real time) for display on various handheld devices for data analysis. The MudVis system complements your mud mixing system and helps you control the quality of your drilling fluid.

Since our beginnings in 1998, Prime Horizontal has become a leading HDD service company and is actively engaged with innovations within the HDD market. Around the globe our customers rely on our know-how and together we continue to successfully complete a full range of HDD projects. Whether this requires guidance services, downhole tooling, rig data recording systems or bespoke developments, our dedicated team is ready to support all your HDD project needs.

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Full marks for Bergmann mining dumper 5025 … The sturdy mining dumpers 5025 from Bergmann known for their excellent manoeuvrability and power are a welcome sight on the tunnelling sites of Cannstatt and Feuerbach in Stuttgart. These compact two-axle machines with a payload of 25 t astonish even the most experienced machinery managers. Thanks to their low fuel consumption of only 14 litres per hour and a trough capacity of 15 m³, the heavy-duty dumpers compare favourably with machines from other manufacturers. Their most outstanding feature is the swivelling seat that offers excellent safety and optimised sight of the working area.

When the dumper is not loaded, the driver has a clear view of the travel path through the empty trough and can thus reverse the vehicle at a speed of more than 30 km/h, leaving other vehicles that need to turn to drive back well behind. Apart from the very short working cycles, it is the improved safety of the machine that has won over machinery managers when they decided on the equipment to be used in their tunnelling project … for more information, visit


Brokk introduces a whole new product range … the world’s leading supplier of demolition robots is now launching a completely new product range, the Brokk Ex machines. These explosion protected machines are designed for use in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas industries, underground industries and other environments where there is risk of explosive gas being present.

The Brokk Ex machines … an entirely new range of explosion protected demolition robots, called “Brokk Ex”. The Brokk Ex range is available for all sizes of Brokk machines, from the extremely compact Brokk 60 to the big and very powerful Brokk 800. These machines are all designed to be safely operated in environments where explosive gas might become present. The machines have the same industry‐leading performance and can use the same broad range of powerful attachments as the standard Brokk machines.

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Putzmeister MINELIFT 4: New scissor lift platform for mining. For more than 30 years Putzmeister has designed, developed, and produced equipment for shotcrete in mines and tunnels, combining excellence in concrete pumping with experience in the field of shotcrete, acquired in many tunneling and mining projects throughout the world. The range of equipment for shotcrete is complemented by transportation equipment for concrete and cement.

To continue optimizing logistics of underground mining operations, Putzmeister has developed the MINELIFT 4 scissor lift platform. With a lifting height of 4 meters and 4 ton capacity, the equipment provides a mobile and secure working platform for load- and personnel lifting in underground mining and can also be set up for all kinds of installations, like piping and ventilation. In this way, MINELIFT 4 is adaptable to customers´needs.

Putzmeister Minelift 4 – Please open this PDF document for additional product details


CBE’s Segment Moulds line XXL-Tunnel in Wuhan. CBE Group will supply 30 segment moulds for a new double function twin tube tunnel at Wuhan, China. The combined road-subway tunnel will have an exterior diameter of 15,20 m. This contract signed with the Chinese company Shizheng confirms once again the leading position of CBE Group for large diameter segment moulds.  The supply by the Chinese subsidiary of CBE Group comprises three sets of segment moulds with an internal diameter of 13900 mm, an external of 15200 mm, a thickness of 650 mm and a width of 2000 mm. Each ring will be composed of ten concrete segments: 7 standard, two counter-key and one key segment. Concept and layout of the moulds are entirely in the hands of the design office based in France, the manufacturing will be carried out in the CBE factory at Yangling in China in order to reduce the transport costs to Wuhan, a city with more than 10 million inhabitants in the centre of China in the province of Hubei. For more information please visit


Cougar 4 from CIFA, is the first mixer designed to work in a mine. A new product, with an unmistakeable style. The prototype, developed also considering Italian-made style and design with a careful eye on ergonomics, will be used for special transport of concrete in the tunnels and mines. Small spaces and challenging working conditions; this is the ideal field for the new mixer to show off all its talents. 2 and a half metres tall, with 4 driving and steering wheels, it is fitted with a FOPS/ROPS anti-rollover cab and a drum with a maximum nominal capacity of 4 cubic metres. Equipped with electronic and video sensors to detect the position of any obstacles, the machine is efficient, reliable and offers lower fuel consumption. For more information please visit …


FP McCann manufacture precast concrete smoothbore shaft and tunnel segments, cover slabs, caisson units and jacking pipes. Front and back-bolted segmental shafts for caisson, underpinning and chimney construction methods are pre-fitted with EPDM rubber gaskets to provide an immediate water-tight seal on construction. Both trapezoidal and expanded segmental smoothbore tunnel linings are designed to suit exacting project requirements and to work efficiently alongside technologically advanced tunnel boring machines. Simple connection processes allow for ease of installation and speedy completion of tunnelling projects. For more information please visit …


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